Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Book Review: The Sporting Road by Jim Fergus

There's nothing like cold weather to bring me closer to my...bookshelf. After having a pleasant and quiet Christmas holiday spent around the house with my family, I've renewed my appreciation for curling up with a good book. In this light, I digress a little from my cast iron and offer a review of a book that I finished not too long ago, The Sporting Road: Travels Across America in an Airstream Trailer--with Fly Rod, Shotgun, and a Yellow Lab Named Sweetzer by Jim Fergus.

The first great thing this book had going for it was the introduction by my friend Rick Bass, most notably of the Yaak Valley in northwest Montana. There is no one better, no one as strong and yet soft-spoken as Rick Bass to set the humble tone I found in Fergus's book.

Although I bird hunt, I do not own a dog, nor have I had the luxury to travel so lonesome-ly (albeit with his dog) in an Airstream trailer as Fergus does in the Sporting Road, but somehow I'm entirely entranced by his stories of great hunts and memorable fishing trips with his friends and sidekick, Sweetzer.

Fergus does not glorify filling his bag limits or gloat over "miracle" shots. He simply lets the reader walk alongside him and his dog as they travel from campgrounds to backyards and beat-up bars. In an elegant manner, Fergus portrays his appreciation for companionship and the great outdoors.

This book will entertain anyone, regardless of their hobbies, geography or political views. Grab a copy today and let me know what you think!

P.S. Learn more about the Yaak Valley through the Yaak Valley Forest Council.

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