Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's Time to Come Home and Eat

Hello dear readers and eaters. It has been a while but you have not been forgotten. As life does, it got in the way, but only in the best of ways. We added to our growing family, a son born in late November 2012. So this last year has been busy changing diapers and now chasing little scampering feet around the house. But I've also been doing all the fun stuff: hunting, fishing, foraging, and eating.

In fact, I've been invigorated by some new reading materials, new sources for new meats, and potential for some pretty darn cool adventures in 2014. So stay tuned!

But here are a few things that kept me busy in 2013:

Fishing the Bighorn River

Touring/Signing my new book, Montana Beer

Making beer

Eating delicious BBQ

Savoring Elk Carpaccio for my birthday

Also, with the exception of beer, I've gone "paleo" in my life, so expect some awesome recipes that truly highlight the hunter/gatherer in all of us and showcase the simple, whole foods that are plants and animals.

Right now, though, I'm off to prepare some Bison Heart Stew, which will be my first recipe of 2014 published shortly.

CHEERS! - Ryan


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